Berlin silver for Iguado

Berlin "Jungwein" Trophy 2011

This year's special tasting, the so-called "Jungwein" Trophy saw our Iguado Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, 2010 vintage, be crowned with the "Berlin Silver". A total of 1,320 wines of 2010/2011 vintage were presented from 22 countries. These wines were tasted and rated by 72 jurors from various countries.

IGUADO – The taste of the new world

Refined and modern in flavour – traditional in design

Treat yourself and enjoy the taste of the "New World" with Iguado. Its name is derived from the Iguado – the green iguana which is a symbol of Mexico. Named the "guardian of the earth" by the gods thousands of years ago – according to an old Maya legend – the iguana now protects the nectar of the gods and is an eye-catcher on every Iguado label.

The oldest wine-growing region in South America

Century-old knowledge

Everyone knows Mexico as the country of origin of corn, the avocado and cocoa. But did you know that the first wines on the American continent were grown in Mexico?

The Baja California region, which lies on the peninsula of the same name between the Pacific and the Gulf of California, is the most important wine-growing region in Mexico. At the end of the 18th century, Franciscan monks introduced wine cultivation from the region into what is today California. International-quality wines ripen in the Mediterranean to dry climate.



Mexican cuisine offers more than tacos, tortillas and spicy sauces. Each region of the country between the Pacific and the Atlantic has its own specialities; a culinary reflection of the country's history and topography.