Berlin Gold for D’amati Rosso

Berlin Wine Trophy 2012

Our D'Amati Rosso, 2010 vintage, won the "Berlin Gold" at the Berlin Wine Trophy 2012. This competition has been taking place each year since 2002, and has been organised under the patronage of the OIV since 2004. The importance of the Berlin Wine Trophy has massively increased in recent years, and in 2009 it was one of the top 5 international wine competitions in the world.

D’AMATI – The art of wine, the Sicilian way

D’Amati - with Mediterranean sensuality, harmony and elegance.

D'Amati is thrilling, stimulating and full of life - just like its home, Sicily. Enjoy a piece of Mediterranean romance with the wonderfully full-bodied and velvety taste of D'Amati Vino Rosso and the magnificently fruity, fresh and elegant D'Amati Vino Rosato.


Sicily is the birthplace of Italian wine

According to legend, it was no less than the God Dionysus himself that came to the island and introduced its inhabitants to the art of wine cultivation. In doing so, the god of wine and protector of art planted the first grape varieties at the foot of Etna - the "Vino Etna". Despite Sicily's turbulent history, the art of wine cultivation was never lost and has reached perfection.

Wonderful diversity

Seasoned with fantasy.

Sicilian cuisine is shaped by all of the old cultures who conquered the island over the past millennia. It tends to be simple and light, but marvellous dishes are created here, seasoned with a great deal of fantasy. The menu naturally features all kinds of fish and pasta, as well as wonderful desserts. However, Sicily is world-famous for its "dolci" (sweets). An art, for which the Sicilians have the Arabs to thank. In the 9th century they brought almonds, pistachios, honey and, of course, their sweet Arabic delicacies to the island.

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