2Go – Deluxe tingling

On the go with the stylish can!

2Go is an attitude to life! Create boundless pleasure wherever you are, with Secco Frizzante (fresh and zesty), with Rosato (fine and sensual) and with Veneziano Sprizz (bitter orange, sparkling and stimulating).

secco FRIZZANTE 2go


Did you know that Prosecco is originally the name of a grape variety, which is mainly grown in the area to the north of Venice? A new law in Italy means that wineries outside of the traditional wine-growing area can no longer call their sparkling wine "Prosecco". As a result, we have renamed our Prosecco to call it what it is: Secco Frizzante 2Go. Secco stands for dry – Frizzante for sparkling – 2Go for "deluxe" on the go.

rosato 2go

A fine, sensually aromatic Vino Frizzante rosato

Rosato 2Go is a sensual, aromatic and fresh Italian sparkling wine with a very original character. It completes light, Mediterranean dishes and is an ideal accompaniment to picnics.

veneziano sprizz 2go

Unbelievably zesty, fresh and stimulating

Your Italian holiday 2Go! The drink of the summer is a typically Venetian aperitif of Secco Frizzante and a fruity, bitter orange liqueur. Simply enjoy on ice with slices of lemon or orange! Summer, sun, Veneziano!

Hugo Sprizz 2GO

Wonderfully aromatic and magnificently sparkling

Hugo Sprizz 2Go is a magnificently sparkling composition of Secco Frizzante, natural aromas of elderflower and mint, refined with a hint of lime. Enjoy the fashionable drink Hugo Sprizz 2Go as an Aperitivo italiano, ideally served ice-cold at 6-8°C.

Pink Hugo Sprizz 2GO

A totally new taste and excitingly different!

Enjoy Pink Hugo Sprizz 2Go - a superbly sparkling Hugo with a totally different new taste and excitingly different. Highly fashionable, Pink Hugo Sprizz 2Go is ideal as an “aperitivo italiano” straight out of the fridge at 6-8°C.