Graf Károlyi – For a love of wine

The red wine

The harmony and vibrancy of the "Graf Károlyi red" make this wine an excellent accompaniment to good food, or simply to a relaxing time together with loved ones. Its high quality is demonstrated by its full-bodied and fruity flavour. A careful preparation of the wine and a balanced composition of the Cuvée are key to achieving the special note of this wine.

The white wine

This dry white wine, which lends a special note to all festive occasions, combines millennia of wine tradition with modern wine-making expertise. The result is a distinctively fresh and magnificently fruity wine that is harmonious and vibrant right down to the last drop.

It depends on the location

The vineyards

Have you ever driven through Hungary in the summertime? The gentle undulations of the Hungarian vineyards are likely to have stuck in your mind as much as the expanse of the Puszta. Hungary is home to 20 legally defined wine-growing regions, which provide the ideal conditions for the most wide-ranging grape varieties.

Indulge like God in Hungary

Tradition and finesse

Perhaps it is the good soil and mild climate that allow Hungary's cuisine to base itself around the finest ingredients. Or perhaps it is the different cultures that have been leaving their mark on the Hungarian menu for centuries. One thing is for sure: Hungary may be small in terms of size and population, but it is a giant when it comes to the culinary side of things. See for yourself: We have chosen six typical Hungarian specialities for you that you can easily cook yourself and are guaranteed to enjoy.