Le sweet Filou – as sweet as sin

Audacious and full of temperament

Le sweet Filou is a sweet red wine. Ideal to conclude a successful evening – or for a real treat. Le sweet Filou Rosé is another love story in our range. Perfect for a romantic, candlelit rendezvous, this fruity rosé is always worth the indulgence.

Experience the sweet, silky pleasure of simple wines, the wonderfully fruity and velvety taste of Le sweet Filou Rouge and the magnificent fruity freshness of Le sweet Filou Rosé.


"Berlin Silver Medal" for Le sweet Filou Rouge

The Berlin Wine Trophy (BWT) 2013 was held in February and Le sweet Filou Rouge won a “Berlin Silver Medal”. The BWT was first held in 2002 and has been working under OIV patronage since 2004. Recognized by the EU Commission, the BWT is now in the Top 5 International Wine Competitions around the world. The international jury is made up of judges from restaurants, trade press, producers and specialist retailers. More than 5.000 wines are tasted and judged every year.

Mundus Vini 2014

"Mundus Vini" Silber für Le sweet Filou Blanc, Jahrgang 2013. Zu dem Wettbewerb wurden nur einzelne Chargen des Jahrgangs 2013, und nicht der gesamte Jahrgang, angestellt.

Der internationale Weinpreis der Weinakademie "Mundus Vini" zählt derzeit zu den renommiertesten  Weinwettbewerben der Welt.