Berlin Gold and Silver for Corsaire Réserve du Président

Berlin Wine Trophy 2013

This year Corsaire Réserve du Président Chardonnay, vintage 2012,  won a "Berlin Gold Medal" and Corsaire Réserve du Président Rouge, vintage 2012, a "Berlin Silver Medal". This wine competition which started in 2002 is held annually and has been under OIV patronage since 2004. In the last decade the competition increased its importance considerably and in 2009 it became one of the Top 5 wine competitions around the world.

Corsaire – Réserve du President For true connoisseurs!

Vive la tradition!

The Corsaire Réserve du Président combines beauty and tradition, just like its home Corsica, the "Ile de beauté". With the Corsaire Réserve du Président, Binderer presents a classic French wine, which has become a real top-seller in France and Germany. Fine and fruity, the Corsaire Réserve du Président is available as a red wine, white wine and rosé.

A Treasure discovered in the Classical Age

“Ile de Beauté”

Corsica, also known as „the Isle of Beauty“, has a long tradition in wine growing which goes back 2000 years when the first Roman settlers came to the island. “Corsaire” Réserve du Président comes from this beautiful island famous for its steep slopes and highland plateaus.

Mediterranean Flair

Spicey and full of flavour

Mediterranean food is simply, really spicey and full of flavour. As well as the typical Mediterranean herbs such as thyme, marjory, rosemary, basil and myrtle, all kinds of fish and sea-food are widely used thanks to the island’s natural resources. Typical specialities include Suppa Corsa (a special kind of Minestrone), Lonzo (pork loin cooked with bacon), Prisuttu (air-dried ham), Sangui (black pudding with typical Corsican highland herbs), Coppa (air-cured pork neck) , Aziminu (Mediterranean fish soup), Pulenta (thick porridge made from chestnuts) and Canistrelli (a typical Easter biscuits made with almonds and hazel nuts and spiced with aniseed).