Binderer St. Ursula Weinkellerei

The last few decades have seen the Binderer St. Ursula Weinkellerei develop into an international family business, with wineries and wine-making partners across the world. The headquarters and management of Binderer St. Ursula Weinkellerei are situated in Munich, where the parent company was founded 60 years ago.

The Binderer Group now exports to over 20 countries across the globe; the most important sales markets include Great Britain, Ireland, Scandinavia, Canada, Russia and the USA. The range includes wines from all of the key wine-growing countries in the world. The products are sold across the globe via food retail outlets, including discount stores.

We have almost blanket distribution at the national level. At the international level, the products are sold very successfully via leading importers and agents to the key accounts in the food trade. Our success is based on strong brands, a high flexibility with regards our range, the latest quality management, and creative product and marketing concepts.