Our company mission statement:

Quality and innovation in all things wine

The success of the Binderer St. Ursula winery is based on quality and innovation in all things wine. This is the only way that we can create added value for the consumers and our customers, and ensure our position on the market.

Above all, it is the consumers who set the standards for the requirements with regards to quality and innovation. For it is they who make the buying decision based on the appeal, price and taste of our products.

As an innovative company, we claim to be a leading company in our industry of markets, in the seeking out of new opportunities and in providing the timely and appropriate responses to the changing needs and markets. This means that we need to identify market requirements and customer wishes early in order to fulfil them in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Our mission statement "Quality and innovation in all things wine" is our promise to all consumers, customers and members of staff. We set ourselves the challenge of always adhering to this promise.